AAHOACON 2023 Conference Recap

M3, a Silver Partner of AAHOA, had the pleasure of attending the conference for the third time in 2023.

M3 was able to attend AAHOACON 2023, a leading event in the hospitality industry, this year in Los Angeles, California, and it was an incredible and inclusive experience to be a part of. AAHOACON brings together hoteliers, vendors, and other stakeholders to discuss the latest trends and technologies in the industry. In addition to networking at the event, attendees can discover up-and-coming technologies, potential partners, and interact with experts in the hospitality industry.  

AAHOACON kicked off the convention in style with an incredible drone show above the Los Angels Colesium to entertain attendees. This light and firework show enamored all of those in attendance and showcased the inspiration and traditions surrounding AAHOACON. Attendees connected with peers from different parts of the hospitality industry and were able to share their experiences and learn about new developments and trends. This year, AAHOACON was at full capacity with over 8,000 attendees, which is an incredible achievement.

M3 was able to speak with many attendees and vendors at the event while also showcasing its award-winning software. Not to mention, the company also introduced new software exclusively for attendees at the convention. M3 wasn’t the only one showing off new software. There were also robots strolling around the convention center to demonstrate the future of hospitality and the technological growth that the hospitality industry continues to endure.

One of the main themes of AAHOACON 2023 was the digital transformation of the hospitality industry. Many speakers discussed the importance of embracing technology to improve customer experience, streamline operations, and increase revenue.

Another important topic was the use of data analytics and AI in the hospitality industry. Several speakers presented case studies and best practices on how hotels can leverage data to better understand customer preferences, optimize pricing, and personalize marketing campaigns.

There were several sessions about the latest technologies and innovations in the hospitality industry, such as mobile check-in, smart room technologies, and virtual reality experiences. Attendees had the opportunity to see demonstrations and interact with these technologies to help immerse themselves in the future of hospitality.

Overall, AAHOACON 2023 was a successful event that showcased the latest trends and technologies in the hospitality industry. It provided a platform for industry stakeholders to come together, share their knowledge, and explore new opportunities for innovation and growth. M3 is proud to be a silver partner with AAHOACON and it looks forward to attending AAHOACON 2024 in Orlando, Florida.

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