Enterprising Hospitality
Date PublishedApr 30, 2014

M3 Accounting + Analytics, the national leader in hotel-specific accounting software, operations reporting and business analytics, celebrates fifteen years of service to over 3,000 customers in April.

With humble beginnings in the small town of Gainesville, Georgia, just north of Atlanta, this high-tech, high-service company was born in 1989, after veteran hotelier John McKibbon sought out ways to better manage the hotel accounting process for the small portfolio of hotels that his family owned and managed. The original system was DOS-based, but McKibbon saw great opportunity in the early days of the cloud, and that was the direction in which he took the start-up company.

“In the early days of the Internet, I had the good fortune to see that this was the wave of the future in managing the hotel accounting process, particularly for management companies that had hotels spread across several states,” explained McKibbon. “By assembling a team of people with expertise in hotels, accounting and software development in those early days, we were really able to harness the power of the Internet and be one of the first companies to be truly ‘cloud-based’.”

Allen Read, M3’s president and chief operating officer, has been with the company from day one, transitioning from a hotel operations background to information services, then working his way up the ranks from business manager at the fledgling company. He reflected upon the early days in the development of a hotel accounting platform that has become the industry standard for many leading hotel management companies.

“When we first started the company, we designed the system to work with dial-up modem speed, as the Internet was in its infancy at that time,” explained Read. “No one knew what high-speed was back then, much less the Internet’s potential. I remember having to explain to people exactly what the Internet was, as well as assuring them it was not just some passing fad, and that it would continue to grow. People had a hard time understanding what ‘cloud computing” was back in the 1990s, as that was as a completely foreign idea. Back then, everyone wanted their data in their office and we had to cross confidence barriers to explain to them it was much safer and more cost effective to store their data remotely. Once they understood and experienced the benefits of an ASP (Application Service Provider) and cloud computing, there was no going back, and business grew as fast as we could handle the growth.”

In addition to being the leader in cloud-based technology, another interesting principle that M3 Accounting + Analytics founded the company upon is that they have never raised prices in fifteen years of operation, and don’t require their customers to sign a long-term contract. M3 has continued to offer valuable software upgrades and application improvements at a fixed price to all customers, which is a great benefit to M3 customers. With a 98% customer retention rate, many customers are loyal to the entire suite of hotel accounting, business intelligence and analytics, and labor and payroll management products that M3 has to offer.

As technology continues to evolve at breakneck speed, M3 has no time to rest on its laurels. 2014 is shaping up to be another exciting year for the company, as it releases the much-awaited AccKnowledge® Enterprise platform, an all-new version of its popular accounting software. Additionally, the company’s new payroll and labor management software, RightTime, released last year, continues to roll out product enhancements and gain new customers.

As a result of continued growth, M3 Accounting + Analytics has launched a new careers page on their website, at m3as.com/careers. Several technical and service positions are open in both the main Gainesville office and their Tampa, Florida training center.