Enterprising Hospitality
Date PublishedAug 20, 2014
Published byScott Watson >

Whether you’re selling hotel rooms, catering services, or as we do, hospitality accounting software and labor management tools, meeting with your customer base on a very regular basis is critical to your success as a sales professional. Your follow-up after the sale not only allows you to reinforce the customers’ decision for selecting your product or service, but it also allows you to begin to archive their experiences and victories to share with future prospects. The customer is always reminded of the value-proposition of that initial buying decision, which increases customer retention. Perhaps more importantly to you as a sales professional, it allows you to seek referrals.

Did you know that according to market research, 92% of C-level executives never respond to email blasts or cold calls, but 84% WILL engage with a sales professional when referred by a co-worker, customer or industry peer?

As a salesperson, there is no better way to ensure your success than by making those customer visits and calls. Build the relationships and know your customers’ organization and reinforce and reiterate how your products help them to do their jobs better, and… ask for referrals, every time you visit with them.

It’s a simple thing as you are leaving their business just to say, “I’m so glad we’ve been able to help you and your business. I’m still in town for a couple of days; is there anyone you know at XYZ Company who you could call and introduce me to while I’m here so that I can drop off a card and a brochure?”

Or better yet, when you call them to make the appointment in the first place, continue with, “I’m glad that 2pm on June 20th works for you, I look forward to seeing you. By the way, since I’m meeting you at 2pm, I still have an opening at 11am that morning. Do you know anyone at ABC Group or XYZ Company there in town that you could introduce me to? It would be great if I could stop by and introduce myself to them in person while I am in town.”

You can keep trying to make your numbers by getting in front of those 8% who will respond to cold calls, or you can get in front of 8 out of 10 executives by simply finding someone who they know to give you a personal introduction. Sales is a numbers game and to consistently hit your numbers….it’s all about the ask.