Enterprising Hospitality
Date PublishedOct 23, 2018

Before the goblins haunt, before the turkey is sliced and before gifts are exchanged, budgets must be done. While there is certainly much to celebrate towards the end of the year, the time-consuming process of line item budgeting is usually not one of them. But, fear not. M3 knows the rigors of the budgeting process and the toll it can take on staff and we’ve tried to make the process easier and more intuitive.

We are taking this opportunity to draw your attention to the enhanced Budget and Forecast module inside of the Operations Management platform. It is just another way M3 looks to save customers time and money while continuing to help drive financial performance.

Developed around direct feedback from customers, the M3 Budget and Forecast module was created with the sole objective of saving customers time. 2018 has seen tremendous enhancements in this tool and incorporates quicker processing and direct communication to and
from the Accounting Core platform.

M3 Enhanced Budget and Forecast saves you time and money by:
* Allowing you to get rid of cumbersome excel sheets that need to be collated from multiple data sources
* Supporting the ability to import historical budgets
* Allowing you to forecast from your budget so you don’t have to start from scratch
* Allowing you to copy each subsequent forecast from the previous forecast and tweak as necessary to truly zoom in on accuracy

The Enhanced Budget and Forecast module also gives you greater flexibility with its improved and expanded driver types. Some of these include:
* Revenue - This calculation type allows you to multiply a revenue type (manual input) by the Stat (select a GL item in the dropdown list).
* Formula Builder - This calculation type allows you to build customized formulas. You can build formulas using your GL items and custom rows.
* Historical Base - Allows you to budget data based on historical data. Users can choose to enter the percent increase or decrease based on actual last year data.
* Labor Hourly - Budget hourly positions based on average wage and estimated hours by job. Estimated hours by job can be entered by Minutes, hours (or parts of an hour), Days, Shifts, Weeks, or Months.

Plus, much more!

To learn more about the Enhanced Budget and Forecast module and how it can save you time, schedule a quick call with a member of our team and let us give you something to celebrate this holiday season.