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Date PublishedApr 05, 2018

Onboarding your employees is the first step in retaining loyal, hardworking employees. If you show them from the start that they are valued and appreciated, even as a new hire, this will go far in helping to retain a reliable employee base. Here are a few ways you can ensure you maximize your onboarding process and help retain loyal, dependable employees:

1.Pre-board your new hires! As the Human Resource Manager at Netchex, I make sure our new employees feel welcome the minute they sign their offer letter. I personally welcome every new hire with an e-mail, letting them know that we are thrilled to have them on our team. Pre-boarding also allows you to get to know your new employee, helping them with any questions they may encounter prior to their first day (what exactly can they wear to work, are there certain break times, or the many multitude of benefit questions that may arise; these all need a personable, approachable employee there to help them every step of the way).

  1. Reduce first day jitters. First day jitters are sure to come for every new hire. Remember your first day in a new place with a sea of new faces? You can help your new employees feel welcome on their first day by appointing another seasoned employee who can help show them the ropes. Ideally, this would be someone they will be working with directly, maybe someone in their department or their direct supervisor. This person would be there to help introduce the new hire around to the other employees, help show them what your company culture is about.

  2. *Get out of the office. *Take your new hire out to lunch on that first day (or first week, if time doesn’t allow). Whether it be their supervisor or some co-workers, this gives the new employee a chance to interact with co-workers outside of the office setting, making them feel welcome and comfortable.

  3. *Have their work space ready. *It may seem simple but having your new hire’s desk ready for their first day will help them feel welcome. Having a computer that’s ready for them to log into, having their phone set up with their extension, even providing them with their business cards on that first day will make them feel needed and welcomed.

Onboarding doesn’t stop after that first week for a new hire. It’s important to remain in contact, especially during those first crucial 90 days, when the new hire is learning the ins and outs of their new role. Send them a quick e-mail and ask them how everything is going. Ask them if there is anything you can specifically help them with, or if they have any concerns that may need addressed. They may need an advocate for something; be that advocate, from the day they sign their offer letter until the day they hopefully retire from your company!

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