Enterprising Hospitality
Date PublishedJul 10, 2019

During their time at HITEC 2019, Hospitality Technology's Editors made a point to ask the technology vendors they spoke with for predictions on how hospitality technology will evolve in the near future and what new and interesting technologies they saw on display at HITEC. Artificial intelligence, voice command technology, and data/analytics were all major themes that came up repeatedly. Below is a sample of some of the interesting predictions they received and some of the interesting show floor trends they saw on display.

Scott Watson, CMO, M3

“Accounting itself hasn’t changed much over the years, but accounting technology has definitely transformed. Over the next six months to one year, I foresee more of a focus on how API feeds in and out of the accounting software rather than an emphasis on the actual accounting software. Procurement, images, payroll and other G/L and G/L related items will come in automatically and financials necessary for analysis and reporting will be exported.”

This article was sourced from Hospitality Technology. Click the link to read the full article.