Enterprising Hospitality
Date PublishedAug 09, 2017

Today's hotelier is constantly on the go, boarding planes and hailing cabs while trying to make split second decisions to help drive hotel financial performance. Having reliable, quick access to information is critical to success.

To keep hoteliers connected, M3 has just rolled out the first mobile application for Operations Management users, available now for both iOS and Android devices. Using their regular login and password, everyone from property level to management and ownership groups will have the ability to quickly evaluate property performance from their daily, monthly and year-to-date reporting is available, with visual color-coded cues of hotel performance.

Users can toggle between percentages and dollars by clicking the bubble of interest, and check multiple properties using the pull down property menu list.

For a free download of these on-the-go dashboards, visit your mobile app store and search “M3 Accounting.” For additional questions, contact your concierge by putting in a help request.