Enterprising Hospitality
Date PublishedMay 08, 2018

We are so excited to announce our new podcast - M3 Minutes. In this podcast we will be diving into M3's products and how they work as well as trends and conversations occurring throughout the hospitality industry.

You know M3 as providing software solutions to more than 5,200 properties in all 50 states. By serving that many properties, we have gained unparalleled experience that we’ll share, and we’ve collected quite a few stories about the hospitality industry along the way.

We’ve always wanted our customers to grow with us. Now we want you to learn with us and laugh with us (maybe even at us).

In our first season, we will introduce you to our people and our culture in a more intimate way than ever before. Hear from our product owners. Listen in with our executive team as they discuss why M3 was founded, why we do what we do and where we are going. Learn why we started this podcast.

In addition to hospitality topics and M3-specific content, our guests will bring you topics like women in the workplace, leadership, community outreach, and so much more.

Our first season lays the groundwork that builds towards the season finale, which will allow you to share in the celebration of M3's 20th anniversary. The finale will air in November, coinciding with the anniversary date.

M3 began leading the way in hospitality technology 20 years ago when we pioneered “accounting software in the cloud”. This pioneering spirit continues through our podcast as we continue our communication with our customers in this new and fresh way.

Now you will be able to keep up with M3 updates on the go and be more plugged in to the chatter happening in the hospitably industry.

We hope that you will listen and connect with us as we reveal more about M3 behind-the-scenes and how we always strive to serve you, our valued customer.

Our first episode of Season One will be released at the end of May 2018. We will be releasing new episodes at the end of each month.

We will be available on Soundcloud, iTunes, and Google Play for download.

Here's to your success!