Enterprising Hospitality
Date PublishedMay 10, 2013

Multi-Systems, Inc. (MSI), a cloud services hospitality technology solutions provider, today announced the general release of its interface between MSI WinPM and M3 Accounting + Analytics, a national leader in hotel-specific accounting software.

The import automation offers single and multiple hotel property owners the opportunity to balance the bottom line with front office operations through streamlined automation of exported data from MSI WinPM to M3.

Marc Winer, Director of Hotel Technologies at Island Hospitality Management stated, “From a management company’s perspective, the M3 and MSI WinPM interface puts information spanning multiple properties within reach from a single location in a timely manner for our executives and accounting personnel. Simply put, it’s a classic connection with a modern twist that aligns with our top line revenue goals and ensures optimization of our time and resources.”

“We’re pleased to partner with both MSI and Island Hospitality,” said Casi Johnson, Vice President of Operations at M3 Accounting + Analytics. “M3’s business intelligence and analytics software assists owners, operators, and third-party managers with streamlined processes which reduce expenses and improve data-based decision-making.”

A key feature with M3 and MSI’s WinPM interface is the elimination of error-prone manual data entry efforts. With the interface, processes are automated and a view of guest satisfaction data alongside financial reports and comp set data for each property arrives seamlessly and in a timely fashion.

“At MSI, our passion is automation,” stated Rick Munson, President and CEO of MSI. “With skilled guidance from our team of automation heroes, M3 personnel, and inspired customers, we have successfully designed an interface that suits the needs of many hoteliers requiring various accounting functionality. It’s MSI’s company-wide goal to exceed expectations, including simplifying technology conversion with nationally recognized hotel-industry leaders.”