Enterprising Hospitality
Date PublishedApr 12, 2019

M3, the leading cloud-based financial platform for the hospitality industry, has announced a partnership with In-Group Hospitality, a hotel management, development and consulting group with a growing portfolio of 27 properties across the U.S. In-Group Hospitality has implemented M3’s Accounting Core and Business Intelligence tools with plans to expand their relationship with M3 as they install M3’s
Time Management tool within the next few weeks.

M3’s entry point solution, Accounting Core is a monthly subscription based ERP solution that provides robust accounting and financial analysis to more than half of the top hotel management companies in the U.S. In addition to Accounting Core, M3 also offers Business Intelligence solutions for more transparent operations management. This back-office business analytics tool increases efficiencies and reduces expenses. M3’s Time Management, collects punches and monitors daily labor costs with features like attendance tracking, labor management and labor productivity reporting.

“M3 gives us a significant advantage over our competition by enabling us to see all our hotels in real time, which has improved our efficiency and increased our profits,” said Graydon Pearson, President and CEO of In-Group Hospitality.

With M3 currently serving more than half of the top management companies in the U.S. and abroad in Canada and the Caribbean, In-Group joins the list of nearly 5,000 individual hoteliers who rely on M3 for all of their financial and accounting needs.

“This strategic partnership with In-Group Hospitality supports our approach to continue growing our U.S. portfolio as we simultaneously expand M3’s international reach,” said Scott Watson, M3’s Chief Sales Officer and Partner.

This article was sourced from Timesunion.