Enterprising Hospitality
Date PublishedFeb 12, 2018

M3, a powerful cloud-based financial platform and services company headquartered in Gwinnett, Georgia, recently announced the relocation of its Tampa office to a new, larger space to accommodate the company’s rapid growth and attract the region’s growing pool of tech talent. Since 2009, M3 has maintained a strong presence in the Tampa region, where it currently serves 20 employees comprised of the company’s training, operations, marketing and hotel benchmarking teams.

The 8,386 square-foot office located on Avion Park Dr. is centrally situated near the area’s top attractions, restaurants and international airport, offering convenience and accessibility to its growing staff. For the design and build-out of its new space, M3 engaged award-winning architecture and design firm HOK and K&K General Contracting, totaling $1.6 million in updates.

“Our new Tampa home embodies M3’s message of innovation and evolution,” said Casi Johnson, M3’s chief operations officer and innovations leader. “With our new space, we will play a larger role in Tampa’s growing tech ecosystem and will continue to add new features, customers and capabilities while attracting top-tier talent.”

Featuring a bold color palette, modern artwork and state-of-the-art technology, the new office space is reflective of M3’s streamlined innovation and bright future. The open-concept space features an impressive two-story wooden chevron sculpture and windows spanning the entire office. Employees have access to collaboration stations, coffee bars and a spacious outdoor area as well as cutting-edge office furniture and technology.

Poised for further growth, M3 is planning for an additional 8,386 square-foot expansion later this year and will open new full-time positions in the coming months.