Enterprising Hospitality
Date PublishedJul 04, 2010

M3 has begun rewriting the AccKnowledge application in the latest development code. This new code will allow greater flexibility and increased effectiveness of our development staff. This translates into quicker turn-around time for enhancements! The first phase of this project was to enhance the general outline of AccKnowledge, including the horizontal and vertical menu bars. The users have a new function menu with icons and flexibility to select from multiple properties within the company tree. By converting the shell of AccKnowledge, M3 has paved the way to introduce more functionality in the upcoming months.22

About M3 Hotel Accounting
M3 Hotel Accounting is the industry leader in hotel-specific accounting software, processing over $8 billion in financial transactions annually. The company was founded in Gainesville, Georgia in 1998 from one of the oldest and most successful hospitality companies in the industry. This experience, coupled with its software development expertise, has allowed M3 to develop an integrated suite of hospitality accounting products, including M3 Link, AccKnowledge, InnQuire, LaborWatch, payroll services and document imaging, allowing hotel owners, operators and managers unsurpassed access to the information they need most. The company has never had a price increase for its services in over 10 years of operation. For more information, visit www.m3as.com.