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Date PublishedJul 30, 2018

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  • What’s your position? Accounting Core Product Manager

  • How long have you been at M3? 1 year on April 24th

  • Where did you go to college? Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, Al. Home of the fighting Gamecocks! And No, I don’t know the college chant, I’m not even sure they have one

Accounting Core

  • What is AC ?
    Accounting Core is a web based hospitality focused accounting platform. It provides hoteliers with access to over 15 different modules designed to make their life easier and more efficient. Created in 1998 it was the first hospitality accounting system to be offered over the internet and is the leader of the hospitality accounting market.

  • What services do you provide?
    Our modules cover most of the financial needs of a hotel to include Accounts Payable activities, Cash Management, General Ledger and
    ACH, VCC, document imaging, PMS imports, importing of journal entries and invoices, training and implementation

  • What are the advantages of using AC?
    Access to all financial data
    Consolidated reporting
    Customizable reporting
    Cost, no contract, service included at no additional cost, training
    Hotel specific hierarchy and user manager (Enterprise/Company/Property

  • Tell us about financial snapshot and its benefits.
    Financial snapshot is a phrase used to describe the access to financial information throughout the Accounting Core platform. Our reporting functionality available through the Financial Wizard module is robust and allows for just about any customization you could think of. We also have a Daily Report module that provides daily a snapshot summary of a hotels financial performance for the day. When the daily report is posted the system automatically creates a journal entry for the day in the General Ledger, keeping everything in balance and available for review.

  • What makes AC stand out?
    Great question, Accounting Core stands out in a couple different areas. Our biggest differentiator between us and the countless other accounting software packages out there is our Daily Report. Remember, we are a hotel accounting company built by hoteliers. So, we go the extra mile to ensure hoteliers can enter the information in a streamlined fashion and have access to the information important to them.
    Another thing that makes Accounting Core stand out is our pricing model. We are relatively low cost compared to the rest of the market, it is a subscription based service but we have absolutely no contracts. M3 feels we must earn our customers business every month by delivering great products, services and training. We don’t just say that, we prove it by not locking our customers into long term commitments. With that said, we do a great job of earning our customer business every month with a customer retention rate of over 98%.

  • Who can benefit from using AC?
    Most hotel user can find a use for Accounting Core to include Owners, GM’s, Night Auditors, front desk managers, etc.

  • Tell us about the latest update to AC.
    In the last release for Accounting Core we delivered an Accounts Payable function referred to as Intercompany. Intercompany allows an Company with multiple properties to spread out the amount due for an invoice more than one property. It was the top requested enhancement from our clients and we are proud to have it delivered. The early reviews of the functionality have been great and we are looking forward to hearing from additional customers as
    We also updated our Daily Reports module to allow for mapping to multiple bank accounts. This gives customers using a Daily Report the ability to determine exactly which bank account is impacted when recording Cash, Checks and Credit Card payments. We have heard really great feedback on this particular feature and our customers are happy.

  • Is there anything new updates coming up with AC?
    Most of the Accounting Core updates over the next year will be around providing the existing module functionality in a code base that does not include VB6. Microsoft will no longer support VB6 in 2024 and we are proactiviely removing all of this code from the application so this change by Microsoft does not impact our customers. Along the way we plan on implementing enhancement requests that we have received at our partners meetings and direct customer contact.