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Date PublishedSep 28, 2018

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  1. What's your position? National Sales Representative, Time Management
  2. How long have you been at M3? Since August of 2017

Time Management

  1. What is TM ? Time Management – which also includes the Labor Watch feature

  2. What services do you provide? Time Clock, Forecasting, Scheduling, Robust Reporting

  3. What are the advantages of using TM? It allows the client to proactively act to manage one of their highest operational expenses, rather than react after the money is already spent.

  4. Why is being cloud based important? When brought down to basics … it allows the hotelier to spend their time improving their guest experience, instead of managing IT.

  5. Who can benefit from using TM? Any M3 client can benefit. This product can minimize time intensive manual processes for any user.

  6. Tell us about the latest update to TM.* In 2018 we announced our new biometric verification/authentication feature.*

  7. Is there anything new updates coming up with TM? The product is constantly evolving. The development team is working on enhancing our labor analytics/reporting. We also have some enhancements coming to the scheduling feature inside Time Management.