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Date PublishedOct 18, 2016

Always exploring new partnership opportunities to help hoteliers focus more on taking care of guests and less on nonrevenue producing back-office tasks, M3 Accounting + Analytics has recently announced a new partnership with Netchex, one of the fastest growing payroll/HR/benefits outsourcing services in America.

“We’re continuously listening to our customers to help make their lives easier when it comes to accounting and time and attendance challenges,” explained Allen Read, M3 President. “Having heard about the benefits of Netchex from several well-established M3 customers, we knew that this was a group that we wanted to get onboard as a partner to integrate with the M3 platform.”

Current M3 customers have worked with Netchex for years, including HP Hotels, Expotel Hospitality and MCR Development. Kerry Ranson, HP Hotels’ Chief Development Officer, was instrumental in connecting the two companies.

"The technology Netchex has put in place and their ability to integrate with M3 is outstanding," Ranson explained. "With Netchex, payroll is done in the system, bypassing the frustration of running manual GL’s. This alone saves our GM's about 8 hours a month. I can quickly analyze data and go back to a group in less than 8 hours and say yes, absolutely we can save money, here is where we can save and here is how much we can save. This is how HP sets ourselves apart and we can’t do it in other systems. The combination of Netchex and M3 makes it a reality!"

Netchex provides customers with a single-source, cloud-based solution for managing employees from hire to retire. From recruiting to HR benefits management to ACA compliance, Netchex’ platform integrates seamlessly with M3’s AccKnowledge® and RightTime® tools for total control of the human resources function.

For more information on M3 Accounting + Analytics accounting, payroll and time and attendance solutions, contact M3 sales at sales@m3as.com or 770.531.3745.

About Netchex
Founded in 2003, Netchex has grown to become one of the South’s largest employer services providers with offices in Louisiana, Mississippi, Dallas and Atlanta. Netchex’s single-source solution is a cloud-based, end-to-end platform for managing employees from hire to retire. Netchex currently services over 3,000 clients throughout the United States, with corporate headquarters in Mandeville, La and offices in Dallas, Atlanta and Jackson, Miss. Visit netchexonline.com for more information.