Enterprising Hospitality
Date PublishedAug 09, 2017

For nearly two decades, M3 has provided accounting and analytics technology to hospitality companies, allowing them to better manage their bottom line and focus more on their guests and associates. The launch of an all-new website, coupled with a complete brand overhaul, was recently unveiled to M3 customers at the company’s annual Partners’ Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona.

M3’s brand transformation moves the company to a more enterprise-focused approach with their products. A simplified product offering of the company’s suite of solutions—Accounting Core, Operations Management and Time Management—provides customers with a platform-based nomenclature that clarifies the function of each solution.

M3’s new tagline, “Enterprising Hospitality,” offers a double meaning of technology robust enough for the enterprise, and people industrious enough to drive any sized organization.

The rebranding effort was unveiled this week on M3’s new digital home, M3AS.com. Video and still images of M3 employees and customers is boldly displayed on each page of the site, designed by FINE Design Group of Portland, OR. Website elements come together to show and tell the story of M3’s ability to help any enterprise, small or large, succeed.

“For almost two decades, M3 has delivered excellence in the form of hotel-specific software solutions,” explained M3 President Allen Read. “We’ve quietly become the industry’s most-widely used hotel accounting software, with a product and service approach that delivers on our mission—helping hospitality companies use technology to drive financial success. Our new brand evolution is key to this commitment to our customers.”