Enterprising Hospitality
Date PublishedJan 09, 2019

Technology is ever-changing and its progress has an impact on how the industry delivers hospitality and manages its operations. Here’s a look at recent tech updates:

M3 Revealed 57 New Partnerships
M3 has new and expanded partnerships designed to boost its portfolio of more than 5,500 hotels worldwide. Between May and June of 2018, M3 welcomed 15 single-property customers and 42 new multi-property customers ranging from two to 40 properties within their portfolio. These 57 new customer relationships mark one of the most successful summers of growth for M3, with anticipated fall and winter numbers to match.

New customers include Delta Inns, New Horizons Hospitality, Marlin Hospitality, New Century Investments, Summit Hospitality and more. In addition, more than a dozen existing M3 customers expanded their relationship with M3 by adopting and adding more M3 products and services to their operation.

In the coming months, M3 is poised to continue its 20-year legacy in the hospitality accounting sector by rolling out a series of new enhancements that will dramatically improve business insight for more than 13,000 users it serves.

This article was sourced from Hotel Business