Enterprising Hospitality



M3 is family-oriented, employee-owned and committed to always do the right thing.

We think of employees as family members, which is why M3 is employee-owned. Our common goal is to provide the highest standard of service and product. It’s a small company mindset backed by large company professionalism.

Executive Team

Allen Read


Casi Johnson

Chief Operations Officer/Innovations Leader

Scott Watson

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Dennis Jackson

Executive Vice President, Finance

Julie Farschman

Executive Vice President of Human Resources

Carolyn Hollum

Executive Vice President of Professional Services

Sales Team

Jon Harden

Regional Sales Executive & Sales Support Manager

Jack Fritsche

Regional Sales Executive

Matt Hughes

Regional Sales Executive

Jeff Kjosa

Regional Sales Executive

Kristy Ingram

Inside Sales Executive - US

Jessica Vint

Senior Sales Support Engineer

Department Managers

Mark Iannacone

Vice President Of Operations

Kayne Gibson

Director of Operations

Robert Rennie

Director of Internal Audit & Compliance

Joel Michaels

Director of DevOps

Richard Snyder

Director of Training and Implementation

Summer Farmer

Manager, Training and Implementation - Accounting Core

Angela Maurer

Manager, Operations Implementation and Training

Sean White

Product Manager - Accounting Core

Tim Pinson

Product Manager - Integrations

Steve Pappas

Product Manager - Time Management

Burl Johnson

Product Manager - Insight

Darren Greenwald

Manager, Quality Assurance

Nicholas Denmon

Manager, Marketing and Communications

Sujata Devraj

Manager Software Development

Seth Patrich

Manager Software Development

Lisa Quatrano

Customer Success Manager

Ryan Keough

Customer Success Manager

Sabina VanWormer

Accounting Manager

Derek Watson

Accounting Manager

David Crowley

Assistant Manager, Quality Assurance