Enterprising Hospitality

Regional Sales Executive

Jeff Kjosa

Jeff began his career after growing up in Omaha, NE and he started working at a golf course when he was only 11. He stayed there all the way through high school and then attended a golf program in Michigan.

Jeff obtained his PGA membership in 1997. During that time, he moved to Texas where he settled in 1994 and has been here ever since. He now has over 15 years of enterprise and SaaS software sales experience.

In October 2015, he was joyfully remarried. They then moved from Fort Worth to Little Elm in 2016. With a new home came a couple of adopted four-legged kids (one kitten and one puppy) that provide non-stop entertainment. When Jeff is not working or with his family, he enjoys golfing, poker, boating, volunteering, and woodworking.

Contact Jeff

770.297.1925 x514
Little Elm, Texas