Enterprising Hospitality

Senior Sales Support Engineer

Jessica Vint

A hospitality industry veteran, Jessica brings with her 25 years of on-site hotel experience. Moving from front desk thru night audit, marketing, catering, and accounting; Jessica’s knowledge expands across all areas of hotel operations. An M3 user since 2003, she has a passion for helping others succeed with the industry’s best hospitality-based accounting software. Jessica believes in sharing her “lessons learned” with others to make their M3 experience even more user-friendly and applicable to their specific needs. Jessica says “M3 has made hospitality accounting so ‘touchable’, for all parties in the industry. Operations personnel who may not be as “hands on” with accounting are able to use all capabilities with M3 whether that is Labor Management, Accounting Reporting, or Business Intelligence to find exactly what they need – literally at their fingertips.” Being able to personally and professionally share that with other hoteliers only makes the entire industry stronger; which is exactly why it is with great excitement she serves as a team member for M3.

Contact Jessica

(770 297-1925 x 237
Marion, Iowa