Enterprising Hospitality

Customer Success Manager

Lisa Quatrano

Lisa started her career with M3 in 2012 as the Time Management Business Analyst, moving then over to TM Implementation Manager when we released the product to our customers. Currently she is a Customer Success Manager where she interacts with our customers on all of our product offerings.

Prior to M3, she was co-owner of a Hospitality Consulting Company auditing hotels and doing various consulting within the hotel industry. Lisa dove right into the Hospitality industry at a very young age and continued on that path during and after college. She worked in various areas such as HR, Payroll, Compensation and Benefits. Companies include: Interstate Hotels/Crossroads Hospitality Shared Services, Disney Worldwide Shared Services and Orange Lake Timeshare.
She has two awesome boys that she is proud of each day.

She enjoys woodworking, swimming, and traveling. Her goal is to visit each state. She has seven more to go!

Contact Lisa

(770) 297-1925 x251
Lawrenceville, GA