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Accounting Manager

Sabina VanWormer

Sabina brings a diverse background to M3 graduating from the Business Academy in the Czech Republic where she grew up. Prior to joining M3, she spent over 10 years in the finance department of a full-service Marriott.

She began her career with M3 in 2014 and currently serves as an Accounting Manager in our M3PS department. Sabina and her team are responsible for various accounting functions. Their primary responsibility is performing full cycle accounting for multiple customers with a combined portfolio over 120 hotels and growing.

As a manager, Sabina focuses on working directly with customers to ensure the quality of work delivered exceeds customers’ expectations. She is also responsible for hiring and training new team members and takes great joy in helping them achieve their professional goals.

Outside M3, Sabina enjoys staying active by playing tennis, running, or walking her dog. She also serves as a chauffeur for her 2 boys and their endless sport activities; and as she always says, she is their biggest cheerleader and worst critic.

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Lawrenceville, GA