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Ditches Manual Reporting for Cloud-Based System From M3

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Company Overview

After years of operating off of a manual reporting solution Dunn Hospitality Group grew tired of their sensitive and time intensive interface. Looking to replace their software with a tailor-made, cloud based reporting system that would help them customize their financial data and reporting, DHG found M3. After 8 years with M3, DHG found success through M3’s Accounting Core and Labor Management products. Soon they will also implement M3’s newest platform, Insight.




The Challenge

In the fast-paced hospitality industry, labor management must be a hotelier’s top priority as it is the core of successful time and budget management. No one understands this concept better perhaps than Kelly Seibert, director of human resources at Dunn Hospitality Group, a hotel development and management company based in the Midwest. Having owned and operated more than 35 properties since its founding in 1978, Dunn Hospitality Group has relied on Seibert to manage the company’s HR department as its staff roster grows to accommodate its continuously expanding property portfolio.

For years, the company utilized a manual reporting solution to manage its internal accounting and finances. Unable to create industry-specific reports or interact with a user-friendly interface, the company quickly grew frustrated with the time-consuming and tedious process.

“We had to do everything by hand,” Seibert said. “We filled out forms every night for the daily sales report and then transferred the data to a spreadsheet which was then put into our journal entries at the end of the month.”

Matters worsened when Dunn’s go-to accounting solution was acquired by a Microsoft-owned platform, making it even more difficult for Seibert and her team to build labor reports that were customized for the hotelier. Seibert needed a tailor-made, cloud-based reporting system that offered seamless labor monitoring and management from time clock to paycheck.




The Solution

Having heard about M3’s hospitality-specific solutions, Dunn Hospitality Group decided to make the switch to M3’s exclusive, cloud-based solution. As a powerful financial platform used by nearly 6,000 management groups and hotels of all sizes, M3 offered Dunn the tailor-made solutions the company had been searching for.

Since 2011, M3 has provided Dunn’s properties with customized financial and operational data reporting, ridding them of the need to manually run reports or manipulate data. Through Accounting Core, M3’s entry-point solution, Dunn’s management team has access to robust accounting and financial analysis for all their hotels.

Seibert additionally found relief for her team’s day-to-day tasks with M3’s Labor Management. The scalable tool offers hoteliers, like Dunn Hospitality Group, the ability to streamline its day-to-day management and monitor daily labor costs with features like attendance tracking and labor management reporting. Seibert can also design custom reports to manage employees’ hours and overtime. In addition, Seibert uses M3’s platform to seamlessly work with other key systems and partner management tools to support and manage Dunn’s employees.

“Our hotel managers don’t have the time to be entering the endless amounts of data to create reports daily,” Seibert said. “M3 customized our PMS dashboard to have all the tools our managers need in one place, which allows them to track, monitor and create reports in the most efficient way.”




We keep everyone on the same page, so they can all work together as a team.

Casi Johnson

Chief Operations Officer/Innovations Leader, M3

The Result

It’s been eight years since Dunn implemented M3’s solutions, and Seibert couldn’t be more pleased with the results she has experienced since the switch.

Whether she’s taking on simple to-dos like setting employee birthday reminders for managers or handling complex tasks such as creating a labor cost report, Seibert counts on M3’s labor management analytics and capabilities to maximize employee performance. Seibert is also looking forward to implementing M3’s newest platform: Insight.

Featuring powerful user-driven interactive dashboards, mobile compatibility, ad hoc reporting and robust analytics, Insight is M3’s business intelligence platform, designed from the perspective of a hotelier from start to finish.

“We were thrilled to be introduced to Insight during M3’s Partners’ Meeting this past April,” Seibert said. “I’m eager to see how our labor reporting will interface with Insight. We’ll be able to immediately access labor information at the touch of a button without having to export data and manually create reports.”

By partnering with a long-term, like-minded solution like M3, Dunn Hospitality Group was able to increase efficiency and customize its reporting to drive its business forward with a continuous commitment to excellence.

“M3 is constantly listening to their clients to see what they need to better run their businesses,” Seibert said. “M3 is tailor-made for the hospitality industry and that’s what makes them stand out. They know what we want, and they have the means and knowledge to provide it.”




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