M3 Releases Geofencing and Beacon Features Within Labor Management Mobile App

Features released in M3 Labor lessens the probability of false or inaccurate punching

M3 announced more tremendous enhancements, including geo-fencing and beacon technology, to its proprietary Labor Management app, M3 Labor. With this new feature functionality, users of M3 Labor now have the ability to set up a specific location radius where employees can punch in and out on-site. These new features are targeted to ensure that hotel employees are clocking in and out when and where they should be while not allowing the option to do so anywhere else – eliminating the opportunity for false and inaccurate punching.

These new features allow property managers to define boundaries where the employee is able to submit punches from their handheld device. Geocoordinates can also be used to pinpoint a unique location within the physical footprint of the property. Using a Beacon provides more specific location restrictions, typically requested for sub-department restrictions within a property, such as rooftop bars and restaurants.

With these innovative time punching features, hotels will no longer need to use a tablet or time clock for punching; although, the tablet option remains available for customers preferring not to use smartphone technology. Once punching is turned on within the M3 Labor App, users can set up geo-fencing by clicking add fence and setting a radius around its location. The perimeter technology is live instantly and requires no additional setup. This feature offers hoteliers the ability to feel confident that employee punches are accurate; and in return, possibly saves the hotel time and money. “Buddy punching” is also eliminated.

M3 initially launched M3 Labor in June 2021 which allowed management users to easily monitor hours as well as performance KPIs from their mobile devices via custom labor variance dashboards. These dashboards present metrics, such as hours worked, labor dollars, and POR (Per Occupied Room); however, M3 had its sight set on continuing to add feature functionality that would make managing labor easier for hoteliers.

M3’s proprietary workforce management solution, Labor Management, was made to simplify technology for hoteliers and is used by over 32,000 employees working in over 1,000 hotels across North America and Canada. M3 Labor allows users to monitor their largest expense, labor, in the palm of their hands. M3 continues to release new features within the app to further simplify processes for hoteliers.

Current and future M3 Labor Management customers can now download and access the app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store using their Labor Management login credentials. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

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