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Strand Hospitality Services Ditches Time Intensive Manual Accounting Solution

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, Strand Hospitality Services first launched in 1969 with four Holiday Inn resorts in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Since then, the company has developed, managed or served more than 300 properties across the Southeast. Strand’s CFO John Johnson is responsible for the financial and administrative management of the company’s hotels.

Business Intelligence Tools in Hospitality

Business intelligence, in  the hospitality business, can become actionable analytics and insights which in turn support ownership groups and management teams when it comes to making the right choices in processes that increase revenue and grow sales. Oftentimes, management companies and franchises in hospitality use BI to improve ADR while identifying areas where special can bridge the gap where sellout efficiency might be…

M3 named Best Reporting & Accounting Software in 2021 HotelTechAwards

M3, the hospitality sector’s #1 cloud-based financial and data management platform in North America, received the 2021 HotelTechAward for Best Reporting & Accounting Software by Hotel Tech Report.

M3 Releases Insight Mobile App

Today, M3, the hospitality sector’s #1 cloud-based financial and data management platform, announced the launch of the M3 Insight mobile app.

M3 to Pass Along More Than $1 Million in Operational Savings to Customers

Customers of M3, the hospitality sector’s #1 cloud-based financial and data management platform, will receive more than $1 million in savings by way of reduced fees.

Return on Investment is Contingent Upon Making Practical Business Decisions

In times of uncertainty, M3’s outsourced accounting services can deliver certainty. Generating positive returns on investment in our industry cannot currently be tied to the market or guest demand.

Scalability During Up Markets and Down Markets

Changes in hotel portfolios are a given. Addressing demand from new management contracts, contracting when management contracts are lost and changes in ownership have caused resource flex and flow forever. Now, with more volatile market conditions, being able to scale your operations up and down in conjunction with market conditions…