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Training and Implementation Support

Advancing enterprise technology through training and implementation

At M3, we’re more than just software. We provide a complete solution that helps drive hotel performance. This means helping you transition from another platform, on-board onto ours, and continually train and support as needed. We’re here to help you be successful.

Implementation Support

Making the transition from one accounting software to another is a team effort. M3 is able to support you during this phase. While our team is well-versed in migrating data between financial systems, we also support customers who are either moving to a formal accounting system for the first time or making the move from another system to the industry's most popular solution.

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Benefits of switching to the M3 Platform

Our platform helps you grow your business. Our technology integrates best-in-class accounting and analytics features into one seamless, cloud-based platform. Our team has helped countless customers transition from virtually all other accounting systems, but offers clear advantages over the two most common migrations:


Customers who transition from QuickBooks improve accuracy and transparency while providing a portfolio-wide view for enhanced management and oversight. Their associates can then focus on moving the business forward instead of managing spreadsheets.


Customers who transition from Peachtree receive a streamlined data entry process, accurate financial reporting, reduced cost of operations, and a customer support team dedicated to finding you solutions.

Personalized Training Support

We offer customized setup, training, and implementation services to help you get up and running. While our software is already configured exclusively for hoteliers and is highly intuitive, we understand it’s important to set it up correctly the first time to accommodate the specific uses of your organization.

Approach and Process

We train around you, for you. While our processes are in place to make it as seamless as possible, we always work toward what’s essential to you, and customize the process to do so. Whether you’re transitioning from an existing hotel accounting system to ours, or implementing one for the first time, M3 technology comes with the training and support to deliver on our mission to drive hospitality company success.

High-Touch Training

We offer various training options to specifically cover what’s most needed by your company and portfolio size. Training sessions can be designed to support onsite needs or accommodated via webinar, across a couple hours or over a few days. Most are designed to cover the full software setup, use, and configuration capabilities, while supplemental trainings cover a more modular requirement—all fully supported by M3 staff, all the way through.