The Importance of On-the-Go Reporting – Insight Mobile App

Why Using Yesterday’s Data Creates Tomorrow’s Problems

On-the-go reporting is important for businesses to stay up to date on their data and influence growth. This technology can revolutionize the way you view and understand your business. In the hospitality industry, companies need to stay updated on analytics, trends, and data being tracked within its properties. Not only do you want your data to be easily accessible, but with on-the-go reporting, you can constantly be updated throughout the day and use the information provided through on-the go reporting to help scale your hotel operations.

What is On-the-Go Reporting?

On-the-Go reporting gives you the opportunity to dissect and view critical hotel data you want in an instant. Your information is easily accessible; not to mention, there are no restrictions as to where you can access the data.

Having cloud-based technology for reporting and analytics helps your business track performance data. This type of reporting is also beneficial in showing you any activity you might otherwise miss, allowing you to access information needed to make business decisions in an instant. This could range from how many rooms are occupied per night, in what departments labor overages are occurring, as well as any other data that you have in the business intelligence platform you are using. Overall, on-the-go reporting helps track your growth and help you make decisions to positively impact your company.

What Are the Benefits of On-the-Go Reporting?

  • Easy Access and Real-Time Decision Making

You will have an overall analysis at a quick glance. Daily reports can be accessed from any device and from anywhere. This will help you make real-time decisions based on your current data and will create a targeted group of data. This also increases operational efficiency by saving time and resources.

  • Updated Data and Report Scheduling

You will always have updated numbers and access to the most recent data collected. You can continuously monitor your data throughout the day, week, or month depending on how often you want to access it. You can also customize your reports and have them on a schedule to be updated – even if you forget.

  • Accuracy

You work hard to have data always updated and accurate, and with on-the-go reporting, you can have the data you worked hard for always at your fingertips. On-the-go reporting makes your process simple and effective.Analytics and reporting are used together because insight generation and interpretation wouldn’t be possible without any data.

  • Positive Influence

On-the-go reporting can help you identify root problems if utilized correctly and gives insight on which strategies you can implement to see positive growth. You will be able to make data-driven decisions that is easy to communicate with others.

How Can Insight Mobile App Solve Your On-the-Go Needs?

M3 Insight is the only tool you will need to access your portfolio’s data and put it into action. The app gives you access to your data in an unprecedented fashion. With the Insight app, you can utilize your unique data in your own way.

Having customizable dashboards is incredibly beneficial because each user can customize a report to their specific KPIs. Not only this, but each dashboard has a 1-hour refresh rate so you can be constantly updated throughout the day.

M3’s mobile app brings all your data and reporting into one location and has the flexibility to be accessed from anywhere, at any time. The app is fully integrated with M3’s BI tool, which is used to help hotel owners and management companies in need of operational and business intelligence to improve efficiency and make better financial decisions. Labor variances can also be viewed within the app if you are utilizing Labor Management.


On-the-go reporting is beneficial for your business to track change, implement changes, and communicate where growth is needed. The technology used with these reports leave no room for error, and in the long run, will help you provide customer satisfaction. Take advantage of these benefits and experience success and growth with your company now.

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