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Insight: Simplifying Technology. Get back your precious time.

Insight allows hoteliers, from corporate to property, to better visualize and utilize data from multiple systems. This self-service BI tool centralizes all key performance indicators (KPI’s) and M3 data points to provide business insight at-a-glance. Dashboards, easily configured visuals, scheduled reports, workflow, pulse alerts to any device and more are inherent with Insight. Insight provides optimized business intelligence thru simplifying the delivery of complex data.

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What This Means For You

Self-service customized: Reporting, Dashboarding, and Visuals.

All M3 data in one place: Accounting, Labor Management, Operating Stats, Smith Travel, Guest Satisfaction and Financial Benchmarking. Short implementation time.

Automated data collection, normalization, and reporting to make it seamless once setup with customer’s unique data.

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