M3 Announces Promotion of Two Senior Executives

Unveiling Leadership Transition: M3 Appoints Allen Read and Casi Johnson to New Roles

M3, the nation’s #1 provider of hotel-accounting software and services, announced a significant transition in its leadership team. Effective immediately, Allen Read will take on the role of Chief Executive Officer, succeeding John McKibbon, who will continue his invaluable service as Chairman. Alongside this change, M3 announced that Casi Johnson has been promoted to the position of President.

Allen Read: CEO of M3
Allen Read, a seasoned veteran at M3 with almost 25 years of dedicated service, will now lead M3 as the CEO. Allen’s career started with the launch of M3 in 1998. With a robust background spanning over a decade in hotel operations and his engineering education, Allen’s insights have been instrumental in shaping M3’s path to success.

In his new capacity, Allen will oversee all aspects of M3’s operations, with a particular focus on overall corporate strategy, finance, sales & marketing, human resources, and M3 Professional Services, M3’s comprehensive boutique accounting division.

Casi Johnson: President of M3
Casi Johnson, a member of the M3 organization since 2000, has been promoted to President. Casi has consistently led her teams to maintain M3’s cutting-edge position in the hospitality software technology landscape. Drawing from her decade-long experience in hospitality management, she has been a driving force behind M3’s operations and technology innovations. As President, Casi will steer all M3 software products and enhancements, and oversee security, IT development, and customer success.

Both Allen and Casi are long-term employees of M3, contributing to the company’s dynamic and culture as an employee-owned company.

M3 takes immense pride in being the #1 provider of hotel-specific accounting software in North America. M3’s legacy dates to 1998, when the company became the first hospitality company to fully embrace emerging cloud technology. Today, the company’s comprehensive offerings include Accounting Software, Labor Management and Modeling, Business Intelligence, and Full-Service Outsourced Accounting Services. M3’s technology integrates seamlessly with most PMS, POS, and other hospitality technology solutions.

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