Labor Management Software

Time and attendance software to manage your single biggest expense

M3’s Labor Management enables you to monitor daily labor costs with features like attendance tracking utilizing biometrics and exclusive labor management reporting. You can design custom reports to manage hours and overtime.

Wall-mounted touch screens and tablets provide data collection points that allow you to manage labor via M3’s Labor Management tool in real-time. When coupled with M3’s Insight BI platform and Mobile application, the most robust labor management tool in hospitality is available to you where ever you are, whenever you need it.


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Your Benefits

Our software is built with you in mind, through and through.

Built by hoteliers for hoteliers, M3 builds their hospitality software with hotel management companies in mind.

Free up extra budget space

Identify overtime hours before they happen, eliminate unnecessary hours and ensure that every penny is money well spent.

Reclaim wasted admin hours

Automated processes can save hours at each property. Hours saved is money saved. Imagine the hours across all your properties, adding up to a stronger bottom line.

Gain control of your bottom line

Customized reporting allows you to reign in labor expenses and act on real time data, helping you take back control of your cost centers before they take control of you.

Labor Management uses key data points from Accounting Core.

Product Manager, M3

Steve Pappas

Product Manager, M3

Software Features

Streamline Labor Management

Labor management shouldn’t be a lot of work. M3’s exclusive, cloud-based reporting system offers seamless labor monitoring and management from time clock to paycheck. On-demand management of associate earnings, including biometric capabilities, lets you manage transactions in real-time. Reduce payroll preparation and manage more complex transactions via pre-defined application rules. When coupled with M3’s BI tool, Insight, Labor management and reporting have never been easier or more robust.

Labor Management

  • Personalized Dashboards allow real-time insight into daily labor costs
  • Customizable Reporting to view data important to your organization
  • Performance Tracking to see what works and what doesn’t
  • Secure Platform Access is tiered and based on employer specified permissions

Associate Earning Collection

  • Labor Management Reporting helps manage labor costs and prevents them from ballooning out of control
  • Payroll Preparation to keep valuable hours available for other tasks
  • Employee Self-Service allows your staff to pick and choose what works for them
  • Custom Rules because every property and every employee is unique


Labor Management: The Mobile App

M3 has developed the most cutting-edge mobile labor application, for the hospitality industry, in existence today. Recognizing the needs of the hotelier who needs to be constantly on the move, as well as constantly informed, the M3 Labor App will help you manage your biggest expense from anywhere.

Success Story

Ditches Manual Reporting for Cloud-Based System From M3

How We Help

Dunn Hospitality found relief for their team’s day-to-day tasks with M3’s Labor Management. The scalable tool offers hoteliers, like Dunn Hospitality Group, the ability to streamline its day-to-day management and monitor daily labor costs with features like attendance tracking and labor management reporting. Dunn Hospitality can also design custom reports to manage employees’ hours and overtime. In addition, Dunn Hospitality uses M3’s platform to seamlessly work with other key systems and partner management tools to support and manage Dunn’s employees.      

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