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Powerful data in a simplified platform.

M3 Insight collects and reports your most critical data into a single source of truth so you can have the information you need to efficiently run your properties. Insight pulls data from Accounting Core, Labor Management, PMS systems, STR, and GSS systems as well as a host of other data integrations, making reporting easier than ever before.


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Hospitality business intelligence made easy

For hotel owners and management companies who need operational and business intelligence to improve efficiency and make better financial decisions, Insight is a self-service application that centralizes your M3 data to give you actionable insights at a glance.

Bring all your data and reporting into one location

Automatically import your data using APIs and proprietary imports to collate all your important information into one location

Utilize your unique data in your own way

Customize any report and specific KPIs in a way that matters to your organization

Shorten the implementation timeline to weeks

M3 has streamlined the implementation timeline to allow you access to the power of M3 reporting quicker than ever before

Our immediate attraction to M3 was how industry specific it is. From the very first demo, we knew M3 could tailor to all of our hotels’ accounting and financial needs and allow for seamless transitions as we continue to grow.

Innvest Hotels

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Innvest Hotels

Software Features

Insight is business intelligence made for hoteliers



Customized Technology

  • Easy Integration and becomes a single source for your data. Insight brings your data from Accounting Core, Time Management, PMS, GSS, and STR into one place
  • Customized Dashboard Reporting allows you to build your own dashboard to create a variety of fully customizable charts, graphs, and indicators to share across your organization
  • Data Management self-service gives you the ability to create your own account groupings to manage your own data, your way

Business Enhancing

  • Robust Formula Builder enables hoteliers to create any KPI they can think of and use it in a visual dashboard
  • Scheduled Reports allows hoteliers to share and schedule reports and dashboards. Users receiving the scheduled reports will receive them via email
  • KPI Pulse Alerts sets up an alert notification for specific Key Performance Indicators. Dictate a threshold Pulse Alert that will notify team members once the KPI crosses the barometer

M3 Mobile App

M3 Insight brings hoteliers access to their data in an unprecedented fashion. Access to the dashboards you enjoy from your desktop is now available to you wherever you are and on whatever device you use. Discover actionable insights in the palm of your hand! Now fully integrated with M3’s BI tool, M3 Insight is the only tool you will need to access your portfolio’s data and put that data into action.

Success Story

How LBA Hospitality replaced its hodgepodge of systems with a customizable and scalable cloud-based financial solution

How We Help

Since 2013, M3 has provided each of LBA’s hotels with tailormade financial and operational data, ridding them of the need to manipulate data or manually run reports. Through Accounting Core, M3’s entry-point solution, Benton and his team have access to robust accounting and financial analysis for all their hotels, while M3’s Insight works as LBA’s back-office business analytics tool, increasing the company’s efficiencies and reducing expenses.

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See the magic for yourself.

More than 2,000 hotels use M3’s business intelligence tool. See why hospitality management companies and ownership groups are flocking to the best technological solution out there for dashboard reporting with maximum integrations and capabilities. It is the power of M3, unleashed.

M3 has software solutions for every piece of your back office puzzle.

Whether you have hotel accounting needs or whether you want to just get a handle on your largest expense, payroll, M3 has software that can help hoteliers reduce overhead and maximize revenue. Built by hoteliers for hoteliers, M3 has spent more than twenty years tailoring solutions with your needs in mind.

Our support team is available seven days a week.

Our accounting software is easy to use but it is also very powerful. Sometimes hoteliers can use a refresher to unlock the true power of our hotel accounting tools. That is why our team is on standby seven days a week to assist you with your hospitality accounting needs.

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