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M3 is dedicated to keeping you updated on benefits and technical details

Our audience, hoteliers, are the main focus considered when writing a white paper. M3 is dedicated to providing you with the benefits of our business and why partnerships are special to us. Not only will we share the benefits of partnering with M3, but we will also provide you with all technological advancements and tools offered.

Are You Building a Tech Frankenstein?

Why is it Important to Ease Common Hotel Back-Office Problems Through Single-Source Tech Stack Creation? Read More

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Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices – Reducing the Risk of Fraud

Mail-related check fraud has been rising since last August, according to the Evidence-Based Cybersecurity Research Group at Georgia State University, which has been tracking the trend. It warns that criminals have a pretty easy time when it comes… Read More

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How to Choose a Hotel Accounting Package

To help hoteliers sort through the hodgepodge of accounting providers and products, M3 has tapped into its wealth of in-house hospitality experts to help identify an accounting package that is best suited to fit a hotelier’s specific needs. Read More

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Benefits of Switching from a Generic Accounting Platform to an Industry-Specific Financial Software

Accounting software is commonplace in every industry, but one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to finding the right package for your business. While accounting software like QuickBooks can handle general bookkeeping and daily expense tracking, they lack the… Read More

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