Accounting software that increases hotel profits through automation and efficiencies.

M3 offers hospitality-specific back-office accounting and labor management software solutions. All of these items integrate with M3’s business intelligence platform for easy and customizable reporting. M3 provides hoteliers with accurate and actionable data allowing ownership and management groups to save time and money.

World Class, End to End Accounting Software

Accounting Core

Automation is the name of the game. With Accounting Core as the entry point to the M3 platform, this software provides a set of 16+ easy-to-use modules that streamline accounting functions. Hotel owners, management teams, and general managers have an accurate snapshot of financial performance across multiple properties.

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Labor Tracking and Management

Labor Management

Understand and take action on your largest cost center. With labor reporting that works, M3 can help you identify areas where expenses are too high or where efficiencies are working to your advantage. From scheduling to clocking in to labor reporting, M3 provides the tools and resources to ensure you optimize property performance.

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Data Reporting Software


Insight is M3’s third generation BI platform. Customers have been asking for the ability to create their own reports and visualizations with their data. Customers are also tired of exporting their data from multiple systems and manually creating reports in Excel. Insight gives users the ability to create their own reports and visualizations by bringing their data into a single source.

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