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Streamline Your Accounting. Elevate Your Hospitality.™ Enter the realm of M3 CoreSelect™—a tailored masterpiece crafted exclusively for hoteliers. M3 CoreSelect is a self-service accounting and financial data management solution targeting smaller portfolio hotel owners, operators, and management companies.


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M3 CoreSelect is a self-service accounting and analytics solution for hoteliers who manage 1-5 entities.

M3 CoreSelect aims to deliver greater value, generate better efficiencies, and create a simplistic software ecosystem for hoteliers. CoreSelect offers an additional option for smaller portfolios currently relying on manual solutions or off-the-shelf products that are not geared specifically to hospitality as an additional option to M3 Accounting Core.

Built to facilitate hotel accounting from start to finish

Built on 25 years of experience in the hotel industry, CoreSelect offers what hotels and management companies with a smaller portfolio need to drive financial performance.

Confidence in your data that is industry standard

CoreSelect brings modern industry-standardized reporting that is widely accepted within the hotel industry. M3 has been producing hotel specific financial reports for over 25 years and will continue to keep you compliant and efficient for years to come.

You can rely on M3

As part of the M3 family, you have access to 7 days a week support, regular training, and a trove of industry experience. The M3 family consists of 250+ employees, 1,000+ customers, and 8,000+ properties. With M3, you are never alone.

Using M3 CoreSelect™ helps improve financial reporting based on the ease of data entry and processing.

Director of Product Management

Sean White

Director of Product Management

Software Features

CoreSelect™: Hotel Accounting Software

M3’s CoreSelect enables users to enter and manage property financial data using M3’s award-winning processes and reporting; removing the tedious process of gathering, integrating, and managing data from multiple systems.

M3 Concierge

    • Easily Get Answers by asking M3 ConciergeTM  questions in real-time. Embedded help content allows hoteliers to solve their problems efficiently.
    • FAQs and In-App Guides, Etc. are available to show users how to complete their daily tasks at no extra cost to help users manage their business and time.
    • On Demand Training for you and your team are part of the M3 CoreSelect solution.

Property Management Systems/Point Of Sales Integration

    • Map Multiple Third Party Software and use that data for daily report rollover and key reporting metrics.
    • Importing Processes are more efficient and seamless to help save time.
    • Customizable Import / Export transfers data for journal entries, checks, invoices, vendors, budgets, historical data, and much more.

Invoice Creation and Payment Processing

    • No Hidden Transaction Fees when processing your payments with CoreSelect. Vendors are paid at no additional cost to you.
    • Auto Coding makes hoteliers job easier! CoreSelect retains information from invoices making your accounts payable more efficient.
    • Create/Select Vendors and Invoices (owners/operators) for ad hoc payments.
    • Save Time in the Office with less future invoice uploads. The CoreSelect product will automatically scan for pertinent details which are then used to create the invoice within CoreSelect and saved to your profile, preventing you from repetitive, time-consuming scans.

Bank Reconciliation

    • Create Bank Statements easily create bank statements for clearing and effectively ensuring all transactions are accounted for.
    • Transactions are Secure and automatically pulled in to your records for easy reconciliation with CoreSelect.
    • Consistency is Key when completing daily tasks. Create regular line items with a click of a button!

Ready to see how it works?

M3’s team is on standby to make sure that CoreSelect™ is the solution for you. Learn how M3’s software can save you time and money by allowing your organization to be flexible while achieving maximum efficiency.

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Developed over the course of two decades, M3’s technology and services are tailored to the specific needs of the hotel industry. M3’s systems are intuitive, easy-to-use, functionally integrated, and comes without high maintenance costs.

M3’s support team is available seven days a week.

M3’s accounting software is easy to use and is also extremely powerful. Sometimes hoteliers can use a refresher to unlock the true power of M3’s hotel accounting tools. That is why M3’s service technology team is on standby seven days a week to assist you with any product related questions.

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