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Advancing enterprise technology through training and implementation

At M3, we’re more than just software. We provide a complete solution that helps drive hotel performance. This means helping you transition from another platform, onboard onto ours, and continually train and request support as needed. We’re here to help you be successful.

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Unleash the full power of M3’s Platform

Our platform helps you grow your business. Our technology integrates best-in-class accounting and analytics features into one seamless, cloud-based platform. Our team has helped countless customers transition from virtually all other accounting systems such as Quickbooks and Peachtree.

Stay up-to-date with all the latest features.

We offer free monthly webinars and roll out software updates weekly.

Reduce the learning curve. Work faster and smarter.

Our training can be done, virtually, on-site or in one of our offices.

Increase efficiencies in hotel processes and systems.

Our software is industry specific to meet the needs of your properties.

Success Story

Hotel Business Intelligence Case Study: Growing Together with M3

How We Help

“We kept playing with these tools, embedding ourselves in going to different training sessions and especially the Partners’ Meetings,” Ranson explained. “It’s one of the things I’ve appreciated most about our relationship with M3. We’ve had the ability to go to their leaders and ask, ‘can we make the tool do this?’ and they’d be interested and willing to listen and work together with us to accomplish our goals and ultimately we would succeed.”

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Service Features

Changing hotel accounting systems has never been easier

Making the transition from one accounting software to another is a team effort. M3 is able to support you during this phase. While our team is well-versed in migrating data between financial systems, we also support customers who are either moving to a formal accounting system for the first time or making the move from another system to the industry’s most popular solution.


Simple Implementation

  • 1:1 Migrating data points allow reports to stay consistent before and after implementation
  • Best-in-class customer support with a 95% approval rating and 98% retention rate
  • Accurate Historical data transfer so hoteliers know their records are preserved
  • Flexible accounting setup based on the growth cycle of your hotel or company

Personalized Training

  • Customized setups allow hoteliers to personalize their portfolios
  • Unique training that is state-of-the-art
  • Targeted & personalized implementation built around a hotelier’s needs and their schedule
  • Intuitive teaching methods and a variety of learning experiences
  • Configured and tailored software designed for ease of implementation

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Meet with one of our experts to help you effectively utilize our accounting software.


It’s one of the things I’ve appreciated most about our relationship with M3… M3 listens and works together with us to accomplish our goals and ultimately we succeed.

CEO of HP Hotels

Kerry Ranson

CEO of HP Hotels

So much to learn, so little time

We offer expertise in accounting software for the hospitality space but we also offer outsourced accounting and have many tricks, tips, and tools at our disposal to help hoteliers realize better bottom lines. See the possibilities or learn more about our educational archives.

Our support team is available seven days a week

Our accounting software is easy to use but it is also very powerful. Sometimes hoteliers can use a refresher to unlock the true power of our hotel accounting tools. That is why our team is on standby seven days a week to assist you with your hospitality accounting needs.

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