M3 2023, Wrapped!

M3 finishes another successful year with new technological advancements and award-winning software

Another impactful and record-breaking year for M3 is in the books. In 2023, M3 left an indelible mark on the hospitality industry through its unwavering commitment to innovation, strategic partnerships, and customer-centric approach. From the successful launch of the cutting-edge M3 CoreSelect™ accounting platform to a series of accolades and recognitions, M3’s positive impact resonates across various facets of the industry. The company’s participation in conferences nationwide has showcased its technological prowess and has facilitated meaningful connections with hoteliers. Through strategic alliances with industry leaders, M3 has contributed to shaping the landscape of automated financial management solutions and ensuring seamless operations for hotels. As M3 continues to foster growth and excellence, its positive influence in 2023 underscores a commitment to elevating the hospitality experience for customers and industry professionals.

Awards Won

The hardware and accolades continued to be amassed in 2023. M3 experienced the good fortune of receiving multiple awards that acknowledge exceptional software and its overall quality and success as a company. A significant achievement for M3 was being honored with the title of Best Finance & Accounting Software for the third consecutive year at the 2023 HotelTechAwards. This prestigious recognition is determined through a comprehensive evaluation of hotel software products across various categories, drawing on key data signals and valuable customer feedback. M3’s commitment to enhancing its accounting software and elevating the customer experience has been instrumental in earning this accolade. M3’s technology was also recognized as the Best Cloud-Based Financial Platform.  But, beyond showcasing technology, M3 has also been acknowledged as a top employer in the Greater Atlanta Area. This recognition reflects the company’s steadfast commitment to ethical practices, as endorsed by reader votes and editors’ input. M3 takes pride in its ongoing success and remains dedicated to upholding and earning such esteemed recognition in the years ahead.

Product Advancements

M3 took great pride in unveiling its latest achievement and the launch of the innovative web-based accounting platform, M3 CoreSelect™. Built by hoteliers, for hoteliers™, this software marks a significant leap forward in hospitality technology, representing a new era of advancement and innovation. M3’s commitment to incorporating the understanding and experience of hospitality sector customers is evident in the development of the CoreSelect solution, aiming to provide a comprehensive and intuitive perspective to streamline the entire hotel accounting process from initiation to completion. Beyond the introduction of this cutting-edge accounting platform, M3 continues its dedication to progress by consistently releasing new enhancements, solidifying its position as the leading provider of back-office solutions for the hospitality industry.


M3 takes pride in its commitment to cultivating valuable partnerships aimed at enhancing the overall customer experience. Throughout the year, the company has forged collaborations with leading providers, consistently working towards further improvements and connectivity among current customers. In 2024, M3 will announce a more formalized and extensive partnership network. Noteworthy alliances include M3’s partnership with AvidXchange, introducing a fully automated, and embedded, electronic payment solution for hoteliers. Additionally, M3 and Trintech have unveiled a new API connection seamlessly linking M3’s trial balance with Trintech’s Adra® Suite. Moreover, the relationship between M3 and Above Property Services (APS)® is dedicated to supporting The Shepherd Hotel’s mission of making a positive impact on the lives of others. M3 is enthusiastic about cultivating more partnerships and remains dedicated to delivering the best possible products to its valued customers.


M3 Minutes serves as M3’s podcast platform where listeners can relish meaningful industry insights and captivating hotel stories. Throughout the year, the podcast featured impactful conversations with M3’s partners, a diverse array of guests and featured insightful discussions on trends, partnerships, and exploration within the hospitality industry. M3 Minutes welcomed guests, such as Laura Lee Blake, President of AAHOA, Laura Resco, Director of Hotel Intelligence at Hotstats, Sierra Lindgren, Senior Fraud Analyst at Paymerang, and others. The excitement extended to hosting internal employees who shared information surrounding M3’s current accounting software and its latest release, M3 CoreSelect™. Tuning in to M3 Minutes ensures that listeners never miss an opportunity to stay informed and updated in the dynamic hospitality landscape.

Tips and Tricks

M3 is dedicated to providing hoteliers with the finest accounting software available in the industry, along with award-winning Labor Management and Business Intelligence platforms. The company consistently shares valuable information with its customers, ensuring they stay abreast of developments in the dynamic hospitality sector and promoting the adoption of best practices employed by the M3 customer base, product teams, and M3 Professional Services accountants. M3 extends an invitation to customers and non-customers to refresh their M3 product knowledge and to keep up to date on industry trends by offering free, monthly webinars designed to empower businesses, offering them valuable information to scale and optimize their operations.

Industry Awareness

In a rapidly evolving hospitality industry, staying relevant is crucial for hoteliers to thrive and succeed. Embracing continuous learning and adapting to emerging trends are essential components of this quest for peak performance. By leveraging changing consumer preferences, technological advancements, and industry innovations, hoteliers can make informed decisions that enhance guest experiences, better financial management, and operational efficiency. The proactive integration of cutting-edge technologies, sustainable practices, and personalized services allows hoteliers to not only meet but exceed the evolving expectations of their guests. Moreover, fostering a culture of flexibility and responsiveness enables hoteliers to stay agile in the face of unforeseen challenges and capitalize on new opportunities. Ultimately, the pursuit of relevance is an ongoing journey that requires a commitment to staying informed, embracing change, and consistently delivering exceptional hospitality experiences. M3 has been diligent in keeping up with trends and remains committed to delivering the latest insights to hoteliers through its media channels.

Promotions & More

M3 has achieved remarkable success with its robust software, and the company’s prosperity extends beyond technology to the growth and recognition of its leadership. This year, M3 welcomed several new team members, team leaders, and C-level executives, further strengthening the organization and positioning M3 for continued success for decades to come. Notably, Allen Read was announced as the Chief Executive of M3, with John McKibbon continuing to lead M3 as Chairman, and Casi Johnson promoted to President.


In 2023, M3 actively participated in industry conferences, showcasing how the company helps simplify the work lives of hoteliers and contributes to strengthening bottom-line results for the companies. At these events, attendees had the opportunity to get a sneak preview of M3’s latest accounting software, M3 CoreSelect™, and witness the capabilities of M3’s robust platforms, M3 Accounting Core™, Insight™, and Labor Management™. Throughout these industry-specific events, M3’s team engaged with hoteliers, forged new relationships with customers, and had team members, including M3’s President, Casi Johnson and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Scott Watson, participate in panels to discuss effective industry practices. M3 eagerly looks forward to continuing its presence at conferences in 2024.

M3’s impact on the hospitality industry in 2023 is nothing short of transformative. The successful introduction of the M3 CoreSelect accounting platform, coupled with a string of accolades and recognitions, underscores the company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation. The strategic partnerships formed with industry leaders contribute to the evolution of automated financial management solutions, ensuring operational efficiency for hotels. Moreover, M3’s inclusive approach, as showcased in the M3 Minutes podcast, reflects a commitment to knowledge sharing and the empowerment of industry professionals. As M3 charts a course for continued growth and excellence, its positive influence in 2023 serves as a testament to its pivotal role in shaping the future of hospitality moving forward into 2024.

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