M3 & Hotstats

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M3 customers can utilize HotStats’ comprehensive monthly profit and loss analysis reports to track financial performance across more than 500 key performance indicators (KPIs). Using data sourced from millions of guest rooms across more than 120 global hotel brands, HotStats' benchmarking services identify areas of outperformance and underperformance, helping M3 customers implement strategies to boost their revenue, contain cost, and improve the bottom line.

With dedicated application programming services (APIs), M3 can make customer financial data available to HotStats seamlessly and securely. Once customers grant permission to share data, they will receive data comparisons based on asset classes across regional and nationwide trends within two weeks. HotStats also delivers custom competitive property comparison sets for a nominal fee. If you are interested contact me at Kristy.ingram@m3as.com! Thank you for tuning into this episode of M3 minutes!

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