Unlocking Opportunities at the Hunter Hotel Conference and AAHOACON: A Recap

M3 travels to Hunter and AAHOACON to spread word of the #1 hospitality accounting solution in the nation.

M3 started this conference season strong by attending two of the most well-attended shows of the season. To start their 2024 conference season, M3 exhibited at the Hunter Hotel Investment Conference in Atlanta, GA and shortly thereafter exhibited at AAHOACON in Orlando, FL. The industry comes together at Hunter to build relationships and expand business. At AAHOA, over 8,000 hoteliers gathered to see the future of the industry and to ensure they are staying up-to-date on the latest hotel trends through networking opportunities, informational sessions, fun activities, and simply roaming the trade show floor. Pinal Patel was elected AAHOA’s new Secretary, setting him up for many years of leadership in the organization.

Hunter Hotel Investment Conference

Hunter Hotel Investment Conference celebrated its 35th year in Atlanta and continues to be a melting pot of insights, connections, and forward-thinking strategies, catering to seasoned industry players and newcomers alike. M3 attendees navigated the bustling conference floor, engaged in direct communication with existing clients, new prospects, and seized upon networking opportunities. Throughout those activities, a common theme emerged: the pursuit of profit optimization in an ever-evolving landscape.

For many first-time property owners and managers, the quest for the right accounting software was a prevalent topic. From those just dipping their toes into the hospitality waters to others planning ahead for future growth and expansion, the importance of streamlined operations was unmistakable. Amidst discussions and demonstrations of cutting-edge tools, such as M3’s CoreSelectTM accounting solution, the emphasis remained on supporting owners, operators, and managers in their journey toward efficiency and profitability.

M3 was proud to have President Casi Johnson moderate one of the sessions at Hunter, “Flying the Flag.” This session had an incredible panel, including Ron Burgett of Choice Hotels International, Jesse Heydorff of BWH Hotels, Brian Quinn of Sonesta, and Jared Meabon of Wyndham Hotels and Resorts. Casi led the discussion surrounding the strategies, innovations, and trends shaping the success of their respective brands and creating a brand with a purpose.

Educational sessions provided invaluable insights into the metamorphosis of the hotel industry, highlighting emerging markets and the imperative to adopt and adapt swiftly to technological advancements. From discussions on profitability challenges to identifying opportunities for growth in burgeoning locales like Savannah, Tampa, and Nashville, attendees left armed with a deeper understanding of industry dynamics and the tools needed to thrive in a competitive landscape.

Ultimately, the Hunter Hotel Conference served as more than just a gathering of industry insiders—it was a testament to the collective pursuit of excellence and innovation in hospitality. As we reflect on the conversations had, connections made, and lessons learned, one thing is clear: the journey toward success in this dynamic industry is best undertaken hand-in-hand, with an unwavering commitment to meeting the evolving needs of guests and owners alike. M3 is proud to be a Platinum Level partner of Hunter and is looking forward to returning in 2025.


As a leading event in the hospitality industry, AAHOACON unites owners, operators, vendors, and key stakeholders to explore the newest industry trends and technologies. Beyond fostering connections during the event, participants had the opportunity to explore emerging technologies, forge potential partnerships, and engage with hospitality industry experts.

AAHOA is known for its incredible events, including the welcome party and the gala to finish the conference. Not only can you meet different leaders in the industry, but it also gives attendees an opportunity to connect with partners and friends while sharing their experiences.

Shane Middleton, Strategic Partnership Manager at M3, moderated the “Be A Chargeback Champion” session with Aman Shahi with Canary Technologies, Mark Amin with Aimbridge Hospitality, and Sangita Patel Chatterjee with 3S Hotel Group. These panelists were able to address questions hoteliers have that focus on chargebacks, third-party booking sites, and the best ways to catch suspicious activity. Numerous other sessions at AAHOACON delved into pivotal industry-specific topics, offering invaluable insights beneficial to hoteliers across the board.

On the show floor, M3 engaged with numerous attendees and vendors during the event, showcasing its acclaimed software solutions. Additionally, the company predominantly focused on its newest software, CoreSelectTM, tailored specifically to hoteliers with a portfolio of 1-5 hotels. Many attendees, including AAHOA President and CEO, Laura Lee Blake, stopped by the booth for strategic conversations, technology updates, or a quick product demo before making their way around the rest of the convention center to see robots, learn about AI in the hospitality industry, and network with other conferencegoers while bonding over the amazing breakfast and lunch buffets.

AAHOACON 2024 emerged as a triumphant event, spotlighting the forefront of trends and technologies within the hospitality sector. It served as a pivotal forum for industry stakeholders to converge, exchange insights, and fresh avenues for advancement and expansion. As a silver partner with AAHOACON, M3 takes pride in its participation and eagerly anticipates the upcoming AAHOACON 2025 in New Orleans, Louisiana!

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