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M3 is the #1 provider of hotel accounting software across North America. We provide accounting solutions for the hospitality industry. Since 1998, back when we were the first to the cloud, we’ve been innovating hotel technology without needing to raise our prices. Learn more about why our first customers are still with us today.

The most popular hotel-specific accounting software in North America

Accounting Core

As the entry point to the M3 platform, Accounting Core provides a set of easy-to-use modules that streamline accounting functions. M3 allows hotel owners, management teams and general managers access to an accurate snapshot across multiple properties improving efficiency and visibility to drive hotel financial performance.

Time and attendance software to manage your single biggest expense

Labor Management

M3’s Labor Management enables you to monitor daily labor costs with features like attendance tracking utilizing biometrics and exclusive labor management reporting. You can design custom reports to manage hours and overtime.

Powerful data in a simplified platform


Insight collects and reports your most critical data into a single source of truth so you can have the information you need to efficiently run your properties. Insight pulls data from Accounting Core, Labor Management, PMS systems, STR, and GSS systems as well as a host of other data integrations making reporting easier than ever before.

Available for download

Insight App

Access to the dashboards you enjoy from your desktop is now available to you wherever you are and on whatever device you use.

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Professional Services

M3 Professional Accounting Services sources selects and maintains a team of on-demand CPAs, MBAs, and industry veterans with decades of hotel accounting experience. We provide everything from comprehensive management of the full accounting cycle to a la carte services of certain functions. We also can cover you when you have leaves of absence, staff shortages, or just need that extra hand for a month or two.

Intelligent Imaging

ePay Services